New York photoshoot

My colleague Toon and myself were in New York for three weeks last month. The main purpose of this trip was to share my story with other talented people that could be a help to my career. I see people around me with a lot of potential, but at some point they lack a certain drive to make it all happen. We had no plan whatsoever when we got on a plane to New York, but ended up meeting an overdose of incredibly talented people that are willing to help make my mission succeed. You only live once is a rather stupid expression, but in a sense it’s so true. Don’t waste time and start living a bit closer to the edge.

Since we were in New York we managed to set up a photoshoot for some new Musketon products. We teamed up with the talented photographer Justin Bettman. I’m no photographer and I’ve no ambition being one so Justin got cârte blanche and he arranged a bunch of great models, a stylist and an awesome location. Justin went beyond my expectations and delivered top notch work capturing the exact look and feel I want to communicate to my customers.