The one with the Kickstarter.

‘Vector City’ is my personal art project in which I want to combine my love for illustration and architecture.

My goal is to create a high-end, detailed and limited edition art print by drawing a city of 100 houses. Houses of 100 different people from all over the world. The result will be an amazing and colourful blend of different architectural styles!

Why am I doing this? I want to bring people together in this project by involving them in the process of creation. Vector City is a project of connecting people with each other via drawings. If you back this project, you will be a citizen of Vector City with only 99 other people from all over the world.

What You Will Get...

By pledging 150€ (166$) you'll not just get one, but two high-quality art prints signed and numbered by myself. The first print is an overview of all the houses from people who backed the project. The second print will be a close up view of your illustrated house. Two prints? Great deal! 

In exchange for supporting this project, I came up with several rewards in different price ranges that include perks such as:

  • A limited and high-quality art print of the city (1 out of 100).
  • A limited and high-quality art print of your house (1 out of 1).
  • A postcards from Vector City.
  • Pick a street name.
  • Become the mayor.
  • Advertising on one of the two billboards.
  • You receive a time-lapse video of how your house is coming to life in Adobe Illustrator (like video below)
  • The prints will ship out with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Once the goal is reached I will release a series of stretch goals.