This Musketon interactive wall was a part of the Musketon expo at C-Mine Genk.

This 8 by 2 meters wall shows a detailed view (zoomed in 6400%) of Musketon Castle. An illustration with lots of colour, windows and little details.

On top of that, we installed an extra layer of screens to bring the illustration to life. A total of 16 screens were screwed over the artwork showing looped animations of flashing billboards, people, smoke and more...

This project was done in collaboration with No Computer.


The illustration was made in Adobe Illustrator. The artboard scaled proportionally with the dimensions of the actual wall. Once the artwork was finished an extra layer of white rectangles was placed on top to indicate the positioning of the screens.

Each of these rectangles was exported as a separate artboard to be prepared for animation.  

Castle print preview.png

Sixteen different screens exported from the original artboard to be animated in After Effects. This way the exported screens would fit seamlessly into the print once they were mounted on top of the wall. 

Here's how the wall turned out in real life. 

We used old second-hand screens that were stripped from their casing and mounted them in position with a simple system: screws. Cable management? No thank you, I loved the look and feel of the wall with the cables running on top of the illustration. 

Each screen was connected to a dedicated Raberry Pi computer. These computers looped the animated content to the screens. For more info visit No Computer.