I was invited together with Ship Of Fools by OFFF and Adobe to attend their anual creative festival in Barcelona. Not as a speaker, but as an artist. 

Over the 3 days of the festival we created a live mural inspired by the talks at the main stage. We came in every morning, prepped the wall with our Legamaster Magic Chart foil to spare the wall from any ink stains or damage and started drawing. From the moment he first speaker took the stage untill the last speaker was done. 

The wall started out as a blank canvas with no particular plan in mind. Preperation was impossible, because the topics were determined by what was being said on stage during the festival. We picked up interesting thoughts from artists such as:  Mathery, Jessica Hische, The Mill, Tom Muller, Signalnoise, James Victore, Mucho, Stefan Sagmeister, Giant Step and many more...

All drawings were created using Posca Markers and we restricted ourselves to only use two colours: black and red. Once an illustration was done we captured it using Adobe Capture. With a few taps on a screen the drawings on the wall were ready to be edited in Adobe Illustrate to prepare them for animation in Adobe After Effects. 

Working with two other Belgian artists, Lennert Gavel and Gert Van Goethem, Musketon created a digital version of the animation in about a week, which then had to go the the Chainsmokers for approval. "I sent it over to the guys and anxiously waited for feedback," says Musketon. "If they didn't like to style we had a problem, since we didn't have any time to come up with a plan B due to the very short deadline."

This is the final result. A 16 meter long wall inspired by all the talks at the OFFF 18 Mainstage. 

This is the final animation of all the drawings

Detail shots of the actual marker drawings at OFFF 18. 

Joshua Davis and Joshua Davis

Stefan Sagmeister and Stefan Sagmeister 

IMAG0495 (1).jpg

Musketon and Ship Of Fools


People using the mural as a backdrop