We created a huge mural at OFFF for the second year in a row. The annual festival celebrating creativity and design. Together with Gert Van Goethem and Lennert Gavel I listened to every single talk on the main stage, picked up interesting stuff and inspiration from those talks and used this to create live illustrations. Last year we created the first ever OFFF wall, this year we came back for a second time and challenged ourselves to doubled it in size.

A 25-meter long mural showing illustrations based on all those talks. We didn't and couldn't prepare anything. We didn't sketch anything. We used Posca markers to draw. So every line you draw needs to be the correct line. Drew every single day from 10 in the morning until 9ish in the evening. Heavy, but had so much fun creating this beast of a wall. If you asked me to draw live 5 years ago I would have never ever had the confidence to do it. I set some goals and worked my way up to this point where I'm confident to draw at an event with 4000 other creatives.

The wall

The video