Starting in After Effects CC, where he mapped out the words to figure out the timing of the song, Musketon then moved to Procreate on the iPad Pro to actually draw and animate all 373 words. "I wanted every single word to be hand-drawn," he tells us. "No fonts! I wanted every single word to be drawn from scratch, so no tracings! Every single word was time-lapsed in Procreate."


Timelapse video of all the words

Behind the scenes video

Working with two other Belgian artists, Lennert Gavel and Gert Van Goethem, Musketon created a digital version of the animation in about a week, which then had to go the the Chainsmokers for approval. "I sent it over to the guys and anxiously waited for feedback," says Musketon. "If they didn't like to style we had a problem, since we didn't have any time to come up with a plan B due to the very short deadline."